How You Make a Difference

As each year moves forward, we are tremendously grateful for your loyal support of WORLD. Because of your partnership, there is more awareness than ever of the HIV/AIDS statistics that disproportionately affect women of childbearing age, and most especially women of color. It is critical for us to empower the women behind the statistics to lead long healthy lives.

Cynthia Carey-Grant, Executive Director

Our compassionate staff members, most of whom are women of color living with or affected by HIV, ensure that the communities we serve are respected, supported, and involved in program design and evaluation. This is one reason why WORLD remains at the forefront in developing and promoting leadership and advocacy among women living with HIV/AIDS.

Here are some of our recent victories: WORLD successfully trained two-hundred HIV+ women on how to become advocates using media and public policy networks and established a clearinghouse for women and HIV advocates to learn key issues related to health care reform and the National AIDS Strategy. We facilitated key community forums to educate women and policy makers, and harnessed the support of district members to rally Sacramento for more state budget funding.

Despite our accomplishments, many challenges lie ahead for HIV-positive women: WORLD must continue to offer a holistic array of services to women and youth living with HIV/AIDS, including combating HIV stigma and other factors that contribute to the spread of HIV in high-risk populations such as poverty, domestic violence, racism, gender inequality, and other forms of injustice and oppression.

That’s why we need your continued support. WORLD remains vigilant, educating women and providing HIV/AIDS data to the public and policy makers. We speak up at public hearings and, when necessary, take action to ensure that the rights of women living with HIV and AIDS are protected.

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The support of every person who cares about the effects of AIDS and HIV on childbearing women and youth is critical to our success.

Many thanks and may your lives be filled with good health and peace.


Cynthia Carey-Grant

Executive Director