Congratulations Vice President Harris!

Today, we at WORLD celebrate the inauguration of Oakland’s very own Kamala Devi Harris, the first person of color and the first woman to hold the second-highest office in the United States.

WORLD is one of the first and longest-running organizations in the country focusing on an underserved and underrepresented community, women living with HIV. As Vice President Harris takes office during a time of political violence, racism, and pandemic, we are given hope and strength by thinking of our own history and this country’s long lineage of women leaders forging progress. We are confident that Vice President Harris will continue to empower women from Washington, DC, and make visible all the possibilities that women and girls of color from our community can achieve.

As her mother once said, “Kamala, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you are not the last.” Ingrid Floyd, WORLD’s Interim Executive Director, stated, “WORLD is excited to see a woman, especially a woman of color from our area, hold such a prestigious position in this country. Madam Vice President Harris demonstrates the power of women to continue to lead this country to a more equitable future.”

Please see below for a spoken word piece by our very own Dr. Demisha Burns, WORLD’s Policy & Advocacy Manager, in honor of Vice President Kamala Harris and this historic day.

By the way, Dr. Burns also organizes the WORLD Leadership Institute, if anyone is inspired to take a page from Kamala’s book. Our spring session starts February 4th – email [email protected] if you’re interested.