#March for our Lives!

I am watching the #March for our Lives. And I am bawling. Big tears streaming, snot running, heaving, gasping, uncontrollable, unconscious bawling.
I am watching Miley Cyrus singing “The Climb” with the crowd passionately joining in and I am experiencing a surreal state of confusion about why I am so moved. I have never related to Miley Cyrus. Her name envisions scenes of a wrecking ball. Why am I, a 64-year-old African American grandmother bawling while she sings? I have marched and engaged in political protest all my adult life. I’ve watched so many other “marches” too often with a jaded eye and secretly cynical attitude; thinking nothing will change because I understand it takes more then marching
And then it hits me. I had lost hope. I had become my grandmother. Self righteous and judgmental about what I considered a privileged and self absorbed generation that did not appreciate what their parents had fought for and sacrificed so that they could have a better life. I had bought the hype that the Millennial generation did not care about anything beyond the latest pop culture. But staring me in my face was undeniable evidence of how wrong I was and of my own lack of faith. So I bawled.
Because I knew my generation, the all-powerful, influential, iconic, “we can change the world” Baby Boomers….had failed. We did our best. But we did not give the next generation, or the ones that cam after them, a world where peace, justice, equality and love had overcome. They inherited a world where war, violence, poverty and unchecked life threatening disease epidemics prevail. Despite our best intentions or efforts; our dreams, sacrifices and vision of a better life for our children, we failed. So it is now time to pass the baton to those more able. It is now up to them, the “Millennial’s,” our grand children to be the keepers of the dream, to save all of our lives.
And so I cried. Tears of humility, relief and joy. Because I now know they have it…that stuff it takes to make real permanent positive life affirming social change. I can exhale. But it is not yet time to rest. They are extraordinarily capable, talented, committed; passionate and clear their movement extends beyond their individual communities, beyond their differences, even beyond their generation. They have something we did not have—an instant, immediate communication medium to connect and engage their peers around the world. But they still need us to stand behind them affirming, “Yes you Can”. They deserve our trust, faith and most importantly, our financial resources. I for one stand ready to follow their lead.  Hallelujah!!
I lift up the WORLD motto in their honor, “You are not alone!”