Meeting the Needs of Latinos

Report on an Institute: Developing 2010-2011 Latino HIV/AIDS Federal Policy Recommendations and Ensuring That the National HIV/AIDS Strategy Meets the Needs of Latinos

by Sonia Rastogi, PWN Communications Action Team Coordinator

Co-chaired by the National Latino/Hispanic AIDS Action Agenda (NLAAN) and the Latino Commission on AIDS, this all-day institute reviewed epidemiological data on the epidemic, discussed the needs of the Latino/a community, and analyzed future recommendations and priority policy items for federal, local, and state government in reaction to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. In the afternoon, participants had four break-out sessions that focused on solidifying recommendations and action steps to push the Latino/a agenda forward at the national level. Major issues discussed include immigration, cultural competency, provider trainings, capacity, prevention models/interventions, and the specific needs of trans women and men who have sex with men. Two requests were made: 1. to start regional advocacy workgroups at the state level and 2. to scale up civic engagement for the November 2nd, mid term state and federal elections. For more information on the working groups and previous documents submitted by NLAAN, please visit

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