Oakland COVID-19 Vaccine Locations

Today’s Locations (5/24/2022)

Alameda Health System Highland Hospital located at 1411 E 31st St. offers walk-in vaccinations on the third floor across from the café. AHS patients can also schedule an appointment by calling 510-437-8500.

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy located at 5729 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618 offers walk-in vaccinations from 9 am-7 pm.

Lucky Pharmacy located at 247 E 18th St., Oakland, CA 94606 offers walk-in vaccinations from 9:30 am-6:15 pm. Closed from 12:30-2 pm for lunch daily.

Greater St. Paul located at 1827 Martin Luther King Way, Oakland, CA 94612 offers walk-in vaccinations from 11am-5pm. For more information call 510-452-0803.

OUSD Fruitvale Elementary offers vaccinations by appointment only from 2-6pm. To schedule an appointment visit https://my.primary.health/l/baplsvaccine.

If you or someone you know needs support getting vaccinated please contact us at 510-986-0340. Our staff are more than happy to help schedule appointments, provide transportation, and answer any questions you may have.