Support WORLD Superstar Anita in her goal of attending IAC 2016!

Attention Community Members!

Please support Anita Schools, a WORLD Superstar and community activist, in her mission to attend the International AIDS Conference this year. Please share and support! Our goal is to raise enough funds to bring  Click HERE to visit our team fundraising page!

In her own words:

“My name is Anita Schools. I have been HIV+ since 1998. I run my own support group at EBAC called Women in Power. I work with all women that are HIV+. We meet 4th Tuesday of every month. I have been able to tell my family that I’m HIV+. I go to WORLD for their support group and I do a lot of trainings through WORLD.

I want to go to South Africa because I want to see how the people in South Africa are dealing with HIV. I also want to bring back information to my community and other women that are HIV+. This would be my first HIV related conference because I haven’t had the opportunity to go and I had no support to go to previous conferences. This is really important to me to get the experience along with being able to see somewhere outside of the US. Hopefully some of the information that a get at the conference about different ways that HIV impacts me and my community, I can bring back. I’d also like to meet other people from outside of the US that are HIV+.

I would like you to donate so that I can take this important trip to South Africa to get experiences, to travel and most importantly, to bring back important information back to my community and the women that can’t go on this trip. Thank you!

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