Miranda Manning

Clinical Peer Advocate

Miranda Manning is a Clinical Peer Advocate newly minted at WORLD. Driven by a desire to provide compassionate care and wellness, she takes pride in providing a client centered approach to meeting their various needs.  Miranda has served for over 15 years in the medical arena, wearing many hats in home and hospice care to medical reception in various clinics in her community. As a peer advocate she now has the flexibility and support to tackle her goal of completing her nursing degree.  In addition to her primary job functions, Miranda has been recognized by WORLD for her extraordinary commitment to efficiency, attention to detail, and her earnest and sincere care for her clients.

A native of Oakland and greater Bay Area, Miranda has been described by those close to her as empathetic, hard-working and loyal.   She is always ready with an ear to listen, hands ready to help, words of wisdom, or to sing a song off key to ease the minds and hearts of those reaching out.  In her spare time Miranda enjoys cooking, taking drives along the coast, and writing poetry.

Phone: (510) 986-0340 ext. 54063

Email: [email protected]