PWN participates in U.S. human rights review

As part of the first Universal Periodic Review of the United States by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the U.S. government has just released their report on compliance with its human rights obligations, which it will submit to the U.N. Human Rights Council.  You can download it here:

As a way to participate in civil society monitoring of this new human rights review process, the U.S. PWN contributed to three shadow reports on the rights to health, housing, and reproductive health, which have been filed with the Human Rights Council to help them review and supplement the information provided by the U.S. government. The official U.S. report to the U.N.  addresses some human rights abuses but does not adequately address  the barriers to prevention, care, and treatment experienced by so many women living with and affected by HIV in our country. So, it is clear that our time was well spent documenting the U.S.’s gaps in fulfilling human rights here at home because it will provide a more accurate picture from which the U.N. Human Rights Council can review the U.S.’s commitment to human rights at home.

You can view the shadow reports that the U.S. PWN contributed to – Housing; Race & Health; Reproductive Rights – by following this link: Universal Periodic Review