Research Study Recruitment

EBAN II: An Evidence-Based Intervention for HIV Serodiscordant Couples

The Eban II Program is an ongoing National Institute of Health-funded research study evaluating the implementation of a behavioral intervention to prevent HIV transmission within serodiscordant heterosexual African American couples. The multi-site study is based at the University of California Los Angeles. Alameda County Office of AIDS Administration is collaborating with the research team in the Bay Area. Led by Dr. Gail Wyatt, Eban II provides HIV prevention education, couples counseling and HIV/STD testing services to African American couples who are in committed relationships of six months or longer. For more details, visit

How to Participate

Eban II is currently underway with the support of several community based organizations and allies in Alameda County and Los Angeles County.  As an agency participating in Eban II, WORLD can direct interested couples to the current Eban II site closest to you.  In other words: Are you HIV+ and your partner is not… or is your partner HIV+ and you are not?  If so and you want to participate in Eban II, please call WORLD at (510) 986-0340 and we will get you connected!


The Alameda County Public Health Department HIV/STD Section participates in multiple public health program evaluations, quality improvement projects, and research studies, often in collaboration with academic, government and community partners. These efforts may be led by the Section or by other institutions. They are meant to inform and improve public health programs and policy in Alameda County, but they may also benefit the wider public. The HIV/STD Section, including the Office of AIDS Administration, respects the rights and privacy of all community members. Any use of public health data is held to the highest privacy and confidentiality standards, as required by law. If necessary, specific research projects are subjected to institutional review board oversight and individual informed-consent procedures. Please monitor the ACPHD website (  for details about ongoing and completed projects.  In alignment with this, WORLD complies with the highest standards of legal and ethical practice for agency engagement with research projects, and fully supports the privacy and protection of individuals, families, and community members who may request of WORLD referral for participation in voluntary research projects associated with WORLD.