WORLD Is Ready For 2016

World logoEarlier this month was World AIDS Day; today, WORLD would like to acknowledge the long-fought battle against HIV and AIDS that so many have waged during the past decades. We want to celebrate all of you that take part in this effort everyday.
We have lost many beautiful souls over the years to this epidemic. Their efforts and strengths form the foundation of today’s battle against HIV and AIDS; our lost ones cannot stand with us today to see how far we have come, but we keep them in our hearts and minds. We lean on them for strength to continue this fight.
We dream of a generation without AIDS. Today, advances in treatment and prevention have made large steps towards this goal. However far we have come, there is more work to do in our communities and we will stay vigilant in our work. As we look back at the struggles of the last decades and forward towards a new era of treatment and prevention, we honor those living with HIV and AIDS as well as the brothers and sisters that we have lost along the way.
We close 2015 with excitement for the new year. In addition to moving into our WORLD House, we will soon launch our new Women’s Clinic. We are planning a large “Rise Above HIV” campaign to accompany the opening of the clinic and will be celebrating WORLD’s 25th anniversary, so stay tuned for big things. We would like to end 2015 by reasserting our mission of improving the lives and health of women throughout the Bay Area, and would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Let’s celebrate how far we have come while we redouble our focus for the work ahead.
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