WORLD’s 3rd annual bake sale this Sunday!



~~~ Support WORLD ~~~

Sunday,October 19th


At Urban Women’s Marketplace

Come out for WORLD’s 3rd annual bake sale this Sunday, October 19th at Urban Women’s Marketplace at
 Humanist Hall located 390 27th Street in Oakland
Shop local, support women artists, enjoy the mimosa bar, and eat delicious baked goods provided by WORLD staff.
 Thank you for
 your committed support of HIV+ women and affected communities.
 We look forward to seeing you Sunday! 


Stephanie Daniels, CEO of We Heart Finance, and Chanda Daniels, CEO of A Monique Affair, have long been promoters and supporters of women-owned businesses in Oakland. 

The Urban Women’s Marketplace was created to showcase small, local, women-owned businesses that might not otherwise get an opportunity to showcase their work.